• Khrisna Ramadan

Accelerating Performance With Lego® Serious Play®

Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

- Albert Einstein

"How's your achievement mate ?" Sounds familiar ??....Off course everybody in the organization from bottom to up must be really familiar with that particular question, its like a very hits song that always singing in your head.

Result,Result and to get rid of that song from your head , live in quite and have a better life quality with your family, close friends and colleagues?

The simple answer is to "Achieve what ever the target or goals that has given to you in this year" . That is the simple answer but that answer leads to question " How can we do that so we can have that quite life and having better life quality ?"

Today to achieve our target in organization is even more difficult thus the target is keep increasing, this is due to we face an array of remarkably complex challenges. Complex challenges, our research has shown, don't yield to quick fixes. They don't respond to standard approaches or conventional knowledge.

In order to achieve your goals or target in 2015 no other is to accelerate your performance , becoming a great worker, innovate your working style so you able to do things differently to expect a Predictable Results.

You need to complement your business thinking with innovative thinking, which imagines a desired future state and figures out how to get there. Its about embracing ambiguity and exploring numerous possibilities and asking "What if?" ,You are need to be able to :

  • Understand what constitutes to better and positive workplace performance.

  • Share the creative mind set process and accelerate your yearly performance.

  • Understand the application of LEGO Serious Play methodology to be creative, innovate and a greater individual

  • Able to align work/career goals with Business Tools, such as Business Model Canvas .

  • Able to create creative paradigm that can ultimately be applied for better self performance.


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