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Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance - Coco Chanel

Simple is familiar word that many people know but sometimes its hard to implement. Some people or Organizations speaks about it a lot and nevertheless its being act as a habit.

Based on the definition simple is define as ' not involved or complicated; easy to understand or do'. so what is simple in our daily life ? many people put different meaning into it. My meaning on simple is To Think and Act easy so we can interpret our or other people thoughts easily by then we can do or act without missing the understanding or by simple we are able to do it right from the very first.

We are facing a very complicated worlds with a complicated problems, issues and peoples. Surely what we need is not adding the complication but how to make it easy. The problem solving must be simple enough for our people to do, the communication must be clear and simple enough for our people to digest to make it easy to implement.

Simplicity is a challenge yet the key for organization to success nowadays. Imagine your organization where the bureaucracy still dominating the whole process mean while your competitor is having less or having the simple system to run the whole process ? your time to deliver could be twice or three times because of the process within the organization.

Most of the organization start to implement simple by showing how they dress to the office. But Simple is not only what you wear but actually what you think and what you do.

FAST = Think Simple + Do Simple

Start by breaking your habit , think simple , do simple. Break your habit with Brick, Lego Serious Play will help you to achieve simplicity.


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