“Bottom Line Impact


Impact Bottom Line.” 



Today’s businesses rely more than ever on their people for insights when making critical decisions. The challenge for entire workforces is to align their focus and priorities with overall corporate goals — while considering Return on Investment (ROI), revenue growth and profitability.


Though many employees do not have financial backgrounds, they are expected to possess the business acumen that is foundation for making confident, informed recommendations, pricings as well as when dealing with clients.


Everyone needs to know how their companies make and spend money — how business works — to be effective and credible. 


Everyone in your company needs to speak a common language of business & finance to be on the same page… and when they are in conversations and negotiations with their clients.

Targeted Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Financial Literacy

  • Develop Business Acumen: Understand how business strategies and decisions impact sales, profits, cash flow and the Company’s financial position

  • Develop Business Analytical Skills: Comprehend and tell the story behind (CLIENT’s) financial numbers or equivalent

  • Develop Business Acumen:  Know which data to use for decision-making, monitoring trends, spotting opportunities

  • Drive Productivity and Profits: Identify the drivers of productivity that impact sales and output per unit cost of production; optimize use of labour and capital, achieving project success through delivery within time, cost and requirement

  • Monitor and Enhance Performance : Through a Dashboard of numbers and ratios that matter

Zodiak The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

Participants will build their business acumen and financial literacy by playing business simulation Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy. This will be a fun, fast paced introduction to the business and financial knowledge participants will need to successfully drive high performance outcomes.

Morning session 08.00 - 12:00

  • Participants will participate in the Zodiak business simulation where they will buy and run a pseudo business over three action-packed game-years

  • Along the way, terms like margins, return on equity, cost of goods/services, effects of lost staff hours, losses and reworks will come to life for participants

  • By running their ‘own company’, participants will learn to think and act like business owners, with big-picture understanding of the company's financial goals and strategic actions

Afternoon Session 13.00 - 17:00

  • They will learn to articulate the organization's financial and strategic imperatives, read and interpret financial reports and align departmental and personal goals to overall company success

  • The simulation will be interspersed with comparisons and connections to the CLIENT business

  • The Game will end with a high energy competitive Quiz reinforcing learnings and ensuring participants leave wanting to learn more

NOTE: Discovery learning and action based learning will be used extensively throughout the programme to engage the participants, speed the learning process and empower them with the business confidence they will need to make a positive difference. USE DESKTOP TO WATCH THE VIDEO


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